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Nikas Safronov is suing his brother because of the apartment
27 May 2021, 16:55
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Nikas Safronov is suing his brother because of the apartment
Photo: инстаграм Никаса Сафронова
The common-law wife of Anatoly Safronov claims that the artist sent her husband to a mental hospital.

Artist Nikas Safronov is suing his older brother for housing on Nikitsky Boulevard, Life reports. Once the apartment in the historic building where Yuri Bashmet and Ingeborga Dapkunaite live belonged to the artist, but 12 years ago he signed a barter agreement with his older brother Anatoly. As a result, Anatoly became the owner of the apartment on Nikitsky, and Nikas - the apartment that had previously belonged to his brother in Volkovy Lane. Over time, Anatoly converted the attic located above the apartment into an attic, so that the area of housing on Nikitsky almost doubled - now it is about 88 sq.m. After that, the Department of Cultural Heritage became interested in the redevelopment of an apartment in a historic building. On the advice of Nikas, Anatoly wrote out a power of attorney for the artist's assistant to resolve all issues. At the end of last year, using a power of attorney, she appealed to the Presnensky court and terminated the exchange agreement.

Anatoly found out that he was left homeless only after a few months. In April, he visited 38 Petrovka and wrote a statement about his brother's fraudulent actions, and two days later he disappeared. According to the common-law wife of Anatoly Safronov, the younger brother placed him in a mental hospital so that he could not attend the court hearings. The woman believes that the artist decided to return to himself housing with a view of the Kremlin, which, after increasing the area, has greatly increased in value. The Presnensky court hearing on the dispute over the Safronovs' apartment is scheduled for June 9th.

Nikas Safronov himself claims that it is not he who is cheating, but a woman who calls herself the common-law wife of her brother.

Nikas Safronov constantly lives in a three-story apartment with 17 rooms in Bryusov Lane, which is estimated at more than four billion rubles. In addition, the artist has a castle in Scotland and real estate in Turkey.