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Uncoordinated protests took place in the Far East
1 February 2021, 09:22
Uncoordinated protests took place in the Far East
Photo: news2world.net
On Sunday afternoon, unauthorized rallies were held in support of the opposition leader Alexey Navalny in the Far East. More than 30 private rallies were detained in Vladivostok. In Khabarovsk - more than ten in an attempt to organize an uncoordinated action.

Protest actions took place in Kamchatka, in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, in the Sakhalin Region. In Vladivostok, activists gathered in the central square. By 8 o'clock Moscow time, at least 30 people were already detained, OVD-Info indicates. The police use loudspeakers to remind the audience that the action has not been approved. Cones prohibiting parking are displayed along the main streets. At the same time, according to Vostok Media, not all townspeople express support for Navalny.

At the same time, OVD-Info reports that about a hundred people came out onto the ice of the Sea of Japan. The policemen from the shore demand to disperse, but the protesters shout in response: "Can't hear!"

In Khabarovsk, where regular rallies in support of former governor Sergei Furgal have been taking place for six months, several dozen people rallied in support of Navalny. According to official figures, 13 people were detained for organizing an uncoordinated rally.

“The attempt to organize unlawful events was suppressed thanks to the coordinated actions of police officers”, - the city administration said.

City officials also notified that no more than 60 people gathered in the central square in front of the regional government building.

Meanwhile, by 10 a.m. Moscow time, 96 people were detained in Vladivostok, 23 in Krasnoyarsk, 23 Novokuznetsk, and 21 in Novosibirsk...