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The doctor said that the incubation period of the coronavirus can last up to three weeks
1 May 2020, 11:53
The doctor said that the incubation period of the coronavirus can last up to three weeks
Photo: rg.ru
The incubation period of coronavirus infection can last not two, but even three weeks, said the director of the Research Institute of Emergency Medicine. N.V. Sklifosovsky Sergey Petrikov (pictured). Moreover, the patient’s condition can dramatically worsen in just a day, the doctor noted.

- The infection of the lungs that occurs with this infection is primarily associated with a violation of the blood circulation in the lungs, the formation of microthrombs and damage to the cells that line the blood-vessels. The treatment that these patients are given, in particular, is aimed at the correction of blood coagulation”, - Petrikov said on the air of the Russia 1 channel.

Earlier, Rospotrebnadzor experts spoke of a two-week incubation period for coronavirus. The Ministry of Health has indicated the 14-day period as the maximum incubation time for COVID-19 in its recommendations. At the same time, the Swiss cardiac surgeon, Professor Paul Vogt, who previously worked in Wuhan, China, which became the epicenter of the spread of coronavirus, said that the maximum incubation period for COVID-19 has not yet been clarified. The term of the average incubation period, the professor called five days.

“Due to the high active genetic recombination, a“ supervirus ”can form, which will have a longer incubation period than the current COVID-19, and at the same time the lethality of the Ebola virus, Vogt warned.

Note that in the Research Institute. Sklifosovsky was offered to treat coronavirus with helium - it is effectively used in the treatment of acute pulmonary diseases.