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Quarantine measures are tightened despite Putin's recommendations
1 October 2020, 15:01
Quarantine measures are tightened despite Putin's recommendations
As soon as the president of Russia just slightly approved the existing measures for the new introduction of quarantine in the country, these measures immediately increased by an order of magnitude.

State official Alexander Yevsin outraged on his blog about how his fellow officials misinterpret Putin's statements about quarantine measures. This amusing fact suggests that the main Russian proverb "The Tsar is good, the boyars are bad!" acts even at the bureaucratic level. However, this is what Yevsin wrote:

“Today the saleswoman in the supermarket already forced me to wear gloves. At the same time, by the way, she scolded the government and complained that it was impossible to look at it without anger. But - fines! I have to.

Masks, gloves ... then a tsak in the nose, apparently. The tsaka will contain aromatic anticonvulsants. Well, where do you think the Tsak appeared on Plyuk? Something like this. Color differentiation of pants, chatlans and boys with tsaks. The bell informs others that they are safe, instills a sense of calm. Moreover, believe me, there is a certain meaning in this. There are essential oils that really protect against respiratory infections. Okay... this is not a joke anymore.

The administrative-bureaucratic reaction is gaining momentum, as soon as the President of Russia just approved the existing measures a little, and the measures immediately increased by an order of magnitude. The functionaries are burning with a verb - it is unacceptable, to provide, immediately, 100%. Although absolutely all documents say RECOMMENDED. I consider this a shameful perversion of President Putin's order to CARE FOR HEALTH. Caring in our upside down world began to degenerate into restrictions and penalties.

I would like to remind the functionaries that President Putin spoke about the need for understanding. He stated that people were very tired and discontent with the restriction measures. It is completely incomprehensible against this background, such a sharp tightening of everything and everything, with the complete absence of rational arguments, the existing experience (!) And even the availability of a vaccine... Even the supersystem-systemic Onishchenko says that the measures are clearly excessive. But, no... To work out the assignment.

It’s already reluctant to repeat itself, all rational arguments have been stated repeatedly. But no one even tries to comprehend them. Bureaucracy takes action. Themselves are stepping up testing and looking with horror at the growing numbers of "infected". Themselves pay extra for doctors for covid diagnoses and watch with horror that the number of diagnoses is growing. They themselves scare people in all the media, and then they have to compensate for the psychosis by "taking measures." Sadness..."


Surprisingly, many readers of this blog share the author's point of view:

- Who did he say this to? There are lackeys around him. The number of people with critical thinking tends to 0. This is how the last days, about which they talked so much, may look like. To bring a person to the last bestiality, which is now happening. Adventures of Dunno on the Moon, an island of fools on planet Earth.

- This is very reminiscent of the old joke "the mice pricked, cried, but continued to eat the cactus!" Everyone is dissatisfied, the president says one thing, officials do another, Rospotrebnadzor, the third, and no one can do anything ... It also reminds of a story about bad boyars and a good tsar. In the spring, more precisely in June, when a parade and a referendum were needed, I believed, but now, alas... I think that everyone sees and knows everything, but in the current situation everyone is trying to cut off a piece for himself, who is the budget, who is the authority...