The State Duma recognized the weaknesses of the law on all-Russian renovation
1 October 2020, 11:28
Some provisions of the bill submitted to the State Duma on the integrated development of territories and targeted programs for the demolition and reconstruction of housing do not correspond to the Civil Code.

It is indicated in the official response of the Duma co-executing committee on housing policy and housing and communal services.

Also, the committee believes that the public may not support the project.

"Only a clear justification of the need for a comprehensive urban planning transformation of the territory can serve as the basis for achieving public support for the implementation of such projects. Otherwise, you can predict a sharp public rejection of such projects, which will not allow them to be implemented in practice", - TASS quotes the statements from the review.

Let us recall that we are talking about a bill according to which renovation can be carried out in all Russian regions with the consent of 2/3 of the owners or tenants of apartments in an apartment building. The document also indicates that the regions may be empowered to determine the procedure for the formation and approval of targeted programs and technical characteristics of houses that can be included in the program. The Committee on Housing Policy supported the draft law, but the conclusion contains a number of comments.

The members of the committee point out that the draft law lacks a "holistic approach to projects for the integrated development of the territory." In addition, only half of the land has requirements for project implementation.

We will remind that earlier Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said that the bill on housing reconstruction submitted to the State Duma does not imply an all-Russian renovation by analogy with the one being carried out in Moscow.

"We do not have any all-Russian renovation", - said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Note that a similar bill, which involves the integrated development of territories with the compulsory seizure of real estate for municipal needs at the initiative of municipalities, was submitted to the State Duma back in 2018. However, he was criticized and recalled. The document assumed the inclusion of houses in the renovation program with the consent of two thirds, and 100% of the residents. It also contained a requirement to provide separate apartments to residents of communal apartments.