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Muscovites are fined for the driving without a pass, although they have it
2 May 2020, 14:30
Muscovites are fined for the driving without a pass, although they have it
Photo: avtovzglyad.ru
Moscow motorists were fined for driving around the city allegedly without a pass, although it was issued the day before. The Russians expected there would be problems with fines after the pass verification system was automated.

Special passes have been introduced since mid-April in order to monitor the movement of Muscovites in the capital. At first, police checked their presence, but after residents complained of hours of traffic jams at the entrances to the city, the system for checking passes was automated. Now, CCTV cameras record all cars on the roads, those drivers who drove into the city without a permit will be fined. Muscovites in social networks had previously predicted that there would be problems with automatic recording of violations. The Russians were afraid that they would receive fines from each CCTV camera, a large number of which were installed in the city, although there was only one offense.

Users in one of the groups for Moscow motorists complained that they received fines for violating self-isolation. The amount of the fine amounted to five thousand rubles. Most users noted that notifications came about self-isolation violations on April 22. Users suggest that the system crashed that day. One of these decisions has already been appealed, noted in the group.

The contact center "Moscow Transport" told "Rain" that the fine can be appealed within ten days if the driver does not agree with him. Information on how to appeal the fine is on the Moscow Mayor’s website.

Earlier, Muscovites have repeatedly stated that failures occur in the electronic pass system: at first, residents could not issue a pass, then they were canceled by mistake.

According to MADI statistics, more than 230 thousand movements around the city without a pass have already been recorded. Given that for each fact of violation a fine of five thousand rubles is prescribed, Muscovites have already been fined more than a billion rubles . How many of them received such notifications by mistake is not specified. Public figure Peter Shkumatov noted that so far they have been fined only in words. “N and one person has not yet received a fine,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that the State Duma was planning to introduce a bill abolishing punishments for the population for minor violations. It is planned to release the Russians from fines for stowaways in public transport and minor traffic violations.