Photo of the day is not for the weak-nerved: that's how the battlefield under Rzhev looked like
2 July , 19:02
About one and a half million Soviet soldiers died during that long and terrible battle, many of them still are not buried.

Nearly 1,500,000 (one and a half MILLION) people were killed in a bloody meat grinder near Rzhev, and many still lie there, after 80 years, in ashes, unidentified, unburied...

“Do not lie to yourself. The Soviet military is the most rabid, the most cowardly, the meanest, the most stupid of all that were before it in the world. It "won" 1:10! It threw our people, like the straw, into the fire, drowning the Germans in the sea of soldier’s blood”, - underlined the outstanding Russian front-line writer Viktor Astafyev, talking about the price of the victory.