34 billion rubles were allocated for payments to families from three to seven years
2 September , 09:26
Photo: potokmedia.ru
An additional 34.3 billion rubles will be allocated to the Russian regions for payments for the children from three to seven years old with low incomes. More than three million citizens can count on the payment.

- The need for additional funding is associated with an increase in the number of children whose parents are eligible for payment. The amount of the allowance is 50% of the regional subsistence minimum per child. This is approximately 5.5 thousand rubles. per month depending on the region, - said in the message of the government.

The funds were allocated by order of Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Labor is preparing a project on a differentiated allowance for children aged three to seven years, since after the grant of the allowance in the same amount, the average per capita income of not all families has reached the subsistence level.

Recall that benefits for children 3-7 years old were introduced by the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin on January 1, 2020. Payments to low-income families started on June 1.

It should be noted that benefits for children from three to seven years old are planned to be doubled from 2021. After the adoption of the amendments prepared by the Ministry of Labor, the amount of payments will not be 5.5 thousand rubles on average per child, but 10-12 thousand rubles.