The court arrested the property of the deputy head of Aeroflot, accused of embezzling 250 million rubles
2 September 2020, 08:49
The court granted the request of the investigation and arrested the property of the Deputy General Director of Aeroflot Vladimir Alexandrov (pictured), accused of embezzling over 250 million rubles from the airline.

- At the request of the investigation, the court seized the expensive cars, real estate and funds of the defendants in the case, while the cost of the arrested only from Aleksandrov was about 10 million rubles, - the Investigative Committee of Russia reports.

On August 28, an investigation into a particularly large fraud at the company was completed. In addition to Alexandrov, the head of the legal department of the giant carrier Tatyana Davydova and lawyers Dina Kibets and Alexander Slivko are involved in the case.

It is known from the materials of the case that in 2016-2017 Aleksandrov, who held the position of Deputy Director of PJSC Aeroflot for Property Issues, entered into four contracts for the provision of legal services to the airline. After the signing of the papers, funds in the amount of at least 250 million rubles were unjustifiably transferred, which were stolen.

Investigators are confident that the work described in the contract was carried out by the airline's in-house lawyers. The rate for the concluded contracts was 350 euros per hour.

The defendants disagree with the charges brought against them.

Let us note that Aleksandrov worked in the prosecutor's office and the Investigative Committee before coming to Aeroflot.