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Chief doctors of four largest hospitals in St. Petersburg quitted work
2 October 2020, 14:48
Chief doctors of four largest hospitals in St. Petersburg quitted work
In St. Petersburg the heads of three federal medical institutions and one city hospital will be replaced. The letters of resignation were written by chief doctors who have devoted decades to their professional activities. Two of them will remain in their hospitals as presidents.

We are talking about the leadership of the Mariinsky Clinical Hospital, the North-Western District Medical Scientific and Clinical Center for Pediatric Traumatology and Orthopedics named after V.I. Turner and the Children's Research and Clinical Center for Infectious Diseases, according to the Petersburg Diary.

Oleg Yemelyanov, the head physician of the Mariinsky Hospital, explained his departure from the post by the fact that he had “worked out” and “has the right to legal rest”. He was about to quit back in February, but a colleague's illness and coronavirus thwarted his plans.

"I leave the hospital in perfect condition, I believe. It is difficult to find such buildings in terms of equipment and technologies. Honestly, I don’t know who will replace me”, - noted Yemelyanov, adding that he was replaced by a “promising and forward-looking” person.

The head of the Children's Scientific and Clinical Center for Infectious Diseases, Yuri Lobzin, could not comment on the situation, but it is known that Alexander Uskov will take his place.

Yakov Nakatis will replace the director of the North-West Regional Medical Research and Clinical Center named after Sokolova Valery Kolabutin, who headed the health department in the city for five years. Nakatis will remain in the center as president.

Sergey Vissarionov will be given the position by the director of the N.N. Turner Alexey Baindurashvili.

According to the newspaper, personnel changes may be related to the law passed in 2017 on age restrictions for physicians, according to which the head physicians in a hospital should not be more than 65 years old.

Let us recall that about 80% of St. Petersburg doctors who worked in coronavirus patients and became infected with covid did not receive the promised payments.