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The alleged killer of the "sausage king" Vladimir Marugov was detained in the Moscow region
2 November 2020, 23:36
The alleged killer of the "sausage king" Vladimir Marugov was detained in the Moscow region
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According to Olga Vradiy, a spokesman for the Moscow Region head of the Investigative Committee, law enforcement agencies managed to detain one of the alleged killers of the general director of the Meat Empire company, Vladimir Marugov. The name of the detainee has not yet been announced, the search for his accomplice continues.

The murder took place last day, November 1 . Attackers in masks, armed with a gun and a crossbow, burst into the country house of Vladimir Marugov in Istra near Moscow, where at the time of the attack the owner of the "sausage empire" and his wife were in the bathhouse. The hijackers tied them both up and then shot an arrow into the businessman's chest. The wife managed to break free and run away, and she called the police, saying that the hijackers had extorted money from them.

The killers managed to escape in a car, the license plates of which were covered with a plastic bag. The police, however, quickly got on the trail and organized a chase, then the killers left the car and disappeared into the forest.

The Investigative Committee also did not specify the details of the arrest of the alleged killer, - reports the Interfax agency . Later it became known that of aderzhanny is cohabiting ex-wife killed and he denies any involvement in the crime.

Vladimir Marugov is the owner and general director of several enterprises at once - Stroy-project LLC, MPK Meat Empire LLC, MPK Ozeretskiye Sausages LLC, SK Teploset LLC, Nazca CJSC. During his successful career, he was often called the "Sausage King". At the same time , the site kachestvo.ru reported that Ozeretskie sausages were repeatedly included in the " black list" - in a sample of Doktorskaya sausage, for example, gum was found, and in "Milk" sausages - soy isolate.