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"They were very close": Anna Netrebko almost found herself in the epicenter of the terrorist attack in Vienna
3 November 2020, 16:53
"They were very close": Anna Netrebko almost found herself in the epicenter of the terrorist attack in Vienna
Photo: instagram.com/anna_netrebko_yusi_tiago/
Opera singer Anna Netrebko, who had previously suffered a coronavirus infection, found herself near the epicenter of the terrorist attack in Vienna, which occurred the day before. She told about this on her Instagram page.

We will remind, on the evening of November 2, in six different places in the Austrian capital, there was a shooting. According to the latest data, three people died, about 15 more were wounded. One of the terrorists was shot dead. According to the head of the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs Karl Nehammer, the victim sympathized with the terrorist organization Islamic State, banned in Russia. The perpetrator's accomplices are wanted.

They just got caught. They were very close - they ran around peaceful Vienna with machine guns and sowed death... What a pity for the innocent people who died”, - Netrebko wrote.

According to the opera singer, her neighbor saw with her own eyes how people are being killed. After the police raid, the city became "very, very quiet". Netrebko also said that none of her family was hurt during the attack.

Note that a few days ago Netrebko was in St. Petersburg, where she performed at the Mariinsky Theater. She returned to the stage after suffering a coronavirus. The singer underwent treatment in one of the Moscow hospitals. In the hospital ward, she celebrated her 49th birthday. “ It doesn't matter where you are on your DR - it is important that you are loved! I feel your love! Thanks for the congratulations, ”Netrebko wrote on the social network that day.

The opera singer managed to cope with the disease in 8 days, writes VokrugTV. Numerous IVs, antibiotics, antibody plasma, and helium inhalation have helped, she said.

In her Instagram, Netrebko admitted that she had a choice to stay at home or work, at the risk of contracting coronavirus. She chose the latter and did not regret it. “The devil is not so terrible as he is described. My husband Yusif has antibodies! Somehow he suffered this illness and is absolutely safe for those around him. Chiyago [son] is fine! Don't worry! You won't take me that easily”, - Netrebko wrote.