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Predictable collapse: where money for the medicine is floating away
4 May 2020, 11:14
Predictable collapse: where money for the medicine is floating away
Now in Russia, a pandemic is raging, killing hundreds of the citizens. But just a few months before the pandemic, the country's leadership repeatedly publicly recognized the “terrible” (Golikov) state of Russian health care, and that the money allocated from the federal budget “was floating away somewhere” (Putin).

Irina Kantorovich, public figure, PhD. in History, author of the petition

Since the floating mechanism is still operating (which is a real disaster in a pandemic), let's open our eyes to the citizens of Russia that is obvious to ordinary doctors and paramedics.

The main reason is that the laws of the last 15-10 years have given the state money of medical institutions to the chief physicians. Now in practice it depends on their personal decisions what will be the staff of state institutions, what will be the real salary of each employee, spend or "save" allocated to the hospital money for equipment repair etc.

Since the laws make it possible to channel everything “saved” into stimulating payments (bonuses) of individual employees, “savings” in hospitals are booming. Here is an example of such a current law: “Savings on the wage fund, including accruals on the wage fund, on utility bills and material costs can be directed to incentive payments.” ( Cl.17 of the Appendix to the Decree of the Government of Moscow of October 24, 2014 No. 619-PP (as amended by Decree of the Government of Moscow of 23.12.2015 N 932-PP .

AT interview to Saratov television (November 2019) speaker State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin spoke about the salaries of his favorite secretaries at 120 thousand rubles, his favorite cleaners at 80 thousand. Please note: these are not one-time bonuses, these are salaries (!) In state hospitals in the city of Saratov. (The TV presenter even exclaimed: “In our city there are no such salaries!”) At the same time, the head physicians, whom V. Volodin spoke about, not hurt: everything is legal. Today the practice of paying out-of-pocket salaries to individual employees (which is not absolutely necessary) is widespread in budgetary institutions everywhere. And no solution other than general phrases that “the relevant Ministries of Education and Health should keep an eye on this”, that “you cannot give up”, Vyacheslav Volodin does not offer.

And the solution is to change the laws. Change the laws that gave rise to the absurd, antisocial practice of transferring a huge part of the money held by state institutions to the salaries of individual employees through bonus payments, which are mainly regulated only the conscience of the leader.

If recently the struggle to change these laws was a struggle against the poverty-ravaged lives of the medical workers and against the services that patients did not receive, now it is a struggle for our lives. Sign the petition and think: what personally I can help in this fight. Also act! (Contact of the author of the petition irinakant3@gmail.com)