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"Was saving money during all life": Shaposhnikov didn't reveal the origins of his fantastic riches
4 June 2020, 13:02
"Was saving money during all life": Shaposhnikov didn't reveal the origins of his fantastic riches
Photo: mosoblduma.ru
Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Alexei Shaposhnikov (pictured), who declared almost 2 billion rubles. income for the past year, explained that the declaration for 2018 is missing 870 million rubles due to the fact that the transaction has not yet been completed.

The head of the Moscow City Duma explained last year's income of 1.9 billion rubles by the sale of 100% of the shares of Severyanin JSC. Before being elected deputy, Shaposhnikov was the chairman of the board of directors of the company.

“I have nothing to hide. In all declarations that have been surrendered since 2014, from the moment he was elected to the Moscow City Duma, all information is fully reflected. Indeed, in 2018, a 100% stake in Severyanin was sold", - said Shaposhnikov on Vesti FM.

Earlier, the chairman of the Moscow City Duma explained the income by selling securities. Alexey Navalny pointed out that in 2018 Shaposhnikov contributed 870 million rubles from the personal account of your company “Your Consulting” to the capital of his company. But in the income statement for 2018, 24.5 million rubles were prescribed.

- Since it was a continuing transaction, it lasted 2018-2019, unfortunately, by the time of filing the declaration of income to be reflected in the declaration, it was not. Declarations are drawn up on a specific date, - quoted The Insider the words of the speaker of the Moscow City Duma.

Judging by his words, Shaposhnikov acquired shares “over the years”.

“This money was not earned in one year, this is what was earned during the 28 years of my work, with the exception of the last years, as I am in the civil service”, - said the speaker of the Moscow City Duma.

However, a couple of weeks ago, speaking on Echo of Moscow radiostation in the program of Yegor Zhukov, the deputy categorically refused to explain the origins of his fantastic wealth. Nothing believable has sounded this time either. Common sense dictates that it is impossible to “accumulate” hundreds of millions and billions of rubles without a business that everyone understands. If they appeared, then there should be documentary evidence of where the huge sums of money came from and for what kind of work.

Let us recall that the attention to the income declared by Shaposhnikov for 2019 has been drawn by the sociologist Grigory Yudin.

- Moscow United Russia party member Shaposhnikov declared income of 2 billion rubles for 2019 - and enough time has already passed to make it clear that this is not a typo. 2 billion rubles - this, if anything, is 33% more than the planned expenditures of the budget of Dagestan for equipping regional medical institutions with modern equipment. That is, a single Moscow United Russia party member manages to earn one third more in one year than is spent on re-equipping hospitals in the republic, which as a result is unable to protect people from the epidemic and falls into the medical hell, - the sociologist wrote.

The economist Tom Piketty previously admitted that Russia is striking in its level of inequality, perhaps one of the highest on the planet.

Last year, while Shaposhnikov made his two billion dollars, the International Group for the Development of Financial Measures to Combat Money Laundering recommended Russia to actively seize the illegal wealth of officials.