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Dr. Komarovsky: “Immunity cannot be strengthened by devouring the medicine”
5 May 2020, 10:16
Dr. Komarovsky: “Immunity cannot be strengthened by devouring the medicine”
Photo: amp.akcenty.com.ua
It is impossible to strengthen the immune system, “sitting on the couch and devouring some kind of”pills", said the popular TV presenter, pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky.

- For some reason, everyone thinks that it is possible to strengthen immunity by sitting on the couch and devouring any specific medicines. No, Komarovsky said on his Instagram.

He listed the conditions under which the strengthening of immunity is possible. Among them, not only the lack of junk food, but also the lack of sterility.

- Strengthening of the immunity is a physical activity, the absence of the harmful components in nutrition, excess sugar, the absence of excess weight, the absence of stress, the lack of sterility, because our immune defense must constantly come in contact with a bunch of bacteria. These are regular positive emotions, this is regular sex. This is all natural for humans plus fresh air. That's all this is strengthening immunity, - said the doctor.

Komarovsky agreed that one does not always want to play sports or follow a diet. As for the "magic pills", it is impossible to strengthen their immunity, the doctor is sure. According to him, attackers can earn this idea.

- The immune system - it is very multifactorial. It is impossible to strengthen it with some kind of magic pill, ”the expert stated.

We recall that earlier, dietitian Margarita Koroleva proposed to maintain immunity during the spread of coronavirus sauerkraut. According to her, this product, rich in vitamin C and being a probiotic for the gastrointestinal tract, will help the body cope with infectious diseases.