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Blood on the airbag. Examination proved that Yefremov was driving during an accident
5 July 2020, 23:44
Blood on the airbag. Examination proved that Yefremov was driving during an accident
Photo: АГН "Москва"
During his television program, host Vladimir Solovyov demonstrated the results of the examination, from which it follows that traces of the actor’s DNA after a fatal accident in central Moscow on June 8 were found on the driver’s airbag of Mikhail Yefremov's car.

The TV presenter showed the results of the investigation during a conversation with the lawyer of the family of the deceased Alexander Dobrovinsky during the broadcast of Solovyov LIVE. As Soloviev said, the document was provided by a senior expert from the capital’s chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The results of the examination indicate that sweat and epithelial cells found on the actor’s section of the airbag of the actor’s Grand Cherokee jeep “descended from Yefremov M.O.”. Referring to journalistic secrets, Solovyov did not explain how he succeeded to get the expert report at his disposal.

"Finally, today, in general, a point has been put on i - Yefremov was driving a car, that is, there were not Martians, not evil spirits, but Yefremov himself", - Dobrovinsky said after that.

On July 3, it became known that Mikhail Yefremov refused to admit his guilt. At the same time, he previously repented of his deed in his video message.

Yefremov’s refusal to plead guilty was stated by his lawyer Elman Pashayev. He explained that the words Yefremov said earlier should be regarded as the actor’s willingness to pay compensation to relatives for the fact that his car got into this accident with a fatal outcome, but Yefremov does not admit his guilt.

“That is, he did not commit the crime”, said Yefremov’s lawyer, but soon, in an interview with TASS, he refused his words that Efremov would not admit guilt.

The lawyer also hinted that during the accident Yefremov could not be alone in the car.

On June 12, in his address to the relatives of the deceased, Yefremov himself stated that he was repenting and that he would not try to vindicate himself, or to use his connections to mitigate the punishment.

Earlier, a technical expert of Novye Izvestia Yuri Antipov repeatedly indicated in his copyrighted materials that during the accident, someone was sitting next to Yefremov in the passenger seat, despite the fact that the actor’s lawyer continued to insist that his client was in the car alone.

“Why is it that Yefremov and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and this lawyer are left alone so intensely? And the casket just opens. When there are two in the car, then a trial is also necessary for the passenger. And this is the danger of surfacing even more uncomfortable facts than drunken driving. And why goat button accordion? Better without a button accordion", - wrote Yuri Antipov in NI.

According to an expert’s investigation, spots are clearly visible on the airbag of the passenger seat to the right of the driver.

“I’m publishing a still image from a video that was sent to me by a direct witness to the accident and the author of the video sent. And we look at the front airbag of the front passenger seat. Do you see spots on it? To whom these spots belong? One thing I can say for sure, these are not the spots from people's saliva, foam at the mouth, which prove that there was no one in the passenger seat at the time of the accident", - said the expert.

On June 8, Mikhail Yefremov got into an accident in the center of the capital on Smolenskaya Square. He flew into the oncoming lane, colliding with a Lada car, whose driver died in the hospital the next day. After the death of the victim, the case was re-qualified to a more serious one. An examination showed that Yefremov was drunk and under the influence of drugs while committing a crime.