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Question of the day: why do they want to limit pensioners in the right to manage money?
5 November 2020, 15:05
Question of the day: why do they want to limit pensioners in the right to manage money?
The chairman of the public movement "Za bezopasnost" (For the Safety) appealed to the Central Bank with an initiative to set a limit for elderly people on online transfers.

Psychiatrist and popular blogger Maxim Malyavin drew attention to the wild from the point of view of mental health trick of the head of the public movement "For Safety" Dmitry Kurdesov, who came out with a truly insane initiative. This figure wrote a letter to the chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Elvira Nabiullina, in which he urged to establish for pensioners - people, in his opinion, extremely gullible - a limit of 10 thousand rubles per day for online transfers from their bank accounts. In order to make "a one-time large-scale theft of citizens' funds by remote means impossible..."

In this nonsense, the psychiatrist saw two, and equally insane, components. First, from the point of view of Kurdesov, since it is impossible to resist fraudsters, who are probably already recognized as invincible, then it is necessary to sew up wallets of citizens so that it is impossible to get into them.

“Why not give the Central Bank money away forever? And whenever you need it, ask the lowest permission - give the blind man the TV..."

Secondly, Kurdesov actually recorded all pensioners in the category of feeble-minded creatures with limited transaction ability.

“Just in case, I’ll tell Dmitry Kurdesov: there is a longer, but more selective procedure for such cases. Even two. They are called a forensic psychiatric examination of legal capacity and transaction capacity. And they are carried out only in those cases when there are doubts about the sanity of a particular person. And not like this, with a broad gesture and so that many people would be hurt at once. You would be more careful with initiatives there, or something.

And yes, so as not to get up twice and forestall the next bad initiative: a general examination of pensioners for bargaining power will not solve the problems, but will only add to the list of procedures for a tick, frankly harmful and anti-people. I repeat: catch fraudsters, and do not press innocent citizens instead...", - the psychiatrist concludes.