Almost spring: temperature record of 90 years ago beaten in Crimea
7 January , 13:20
Photo: Медиахолдинг 1Mi
On January 5, in Crimea, the air temperature was set at around 17.6 degrees Celsius. Thus, the record of 1931 was broken, when on the same day it was plus 14.4 degrees. This is reported by TASS with reference to the forecaster on duty at the regional hydrometeorological center.

At the same time, residents and guests of Crimea should not expect any more record heat in the near future. By January 10, it will get colder there. So, according to Yandex.Pogoda, in Simferopol on Sunday plus 2 degrees and light rain are expected. Now it is 12 degrees Celsius.

According to Crimean forecasters, since 1916 the lowest temperature on January 5 was established in the region in 1942. Then it was minus 18.1 degrees.

Abnormally warm weather in the coming days was predicted in the Krasnodar Territory: plus 16-17 degrees, which is 6-7 degrees above normal.