The representatives of Opora Rossii Entrepreneurs Association called antibody tests for worker a dubious idea
7 May , 20:05
Photo: Медиахолдинг 1Mi
In Spain, a number of companies have already begun testing their employees for the presence of antibodies to the coronavirus COVID-19 in order to understand who has already been ill and who exactly can be allowed to work.

But Oleg Zinov, a member of the Presidium of the Opora Rossii (The Backbone of Russia) Entrepreneurs Association, believes that this still will not protect against the infection for 100%.

“In my opinion, you need to be sure that an individual employee is not infected or has a slight illness. But in general, this does not guarantee absolute security, because we will not test every individual consumer who comes. If they invent some instant tests that will allow testing at the entrance to institutions, maybe it will help. But I don’t know if there are such forms", - Radio Sputnik quoted Oleg Zinov as saying .

According to Oleg Zinov, in Russian conditions the question is inevitable - who will pay for such tests. For many enterprises and firms, revenue has already fallen so much that they no longer have the means to buy tests. And when small and medium-sized enterprises are allowed to resume work, they will still have to provide all employees with sharply more expensive and still scarce personal protective equipment. Moreover, even if one day all restrictions are lifted, a huge drop in demand is inevitable in a number of industries. For example, former customers will no longer go to the same restaurants so often - both from the lack of past income and from the fear of becoming infected in public places.

In the second half of April, the share of Russians , whose financial situation worsened, increased to 42%. A serious decline in income is noted by 20% of citizens. Another 20% found the loss of income insignificant. According to the respondents, the main reason for the deterioration of their financial situation is the growth of expenses and the loss of work.