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Yefremov's lawyer said that there is an evidence of his defendant's innocence
7 July 2020, 10:03
Yefremov's lawyer said that there is an evidence of his defendant's innocence
Photo: kino-teatr.ru
The lawyer of the artist Mikhail Yefremov, Elman Pashayev, said that he has a sufficient evidence of the innocence of his client in a fatal accident.

He noted that Yefremov’s appeal to the family of the deceased, where he apologizes and claims that he is guilty, that he will not “excuse himself,” “means absolutely nothing”.

"I talked with him, I convinced him that let's wait, we will always have time to admit guilt, we will see what assessment the court will give to our evidence. If we understand that our evidence is unfounded and does not have legal force, of course, we will admit our guilt and apologize. Now, his recognition doesn’t mean anything at all, he can recognize and refuse 20 times”, - said the lawyer on the Russia 24 television channel.

On July 6, investigators completed a preliminary investigation into the criminal case against Yefremov. According to lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, representing the injured party, the investigator canceled the meeting scheduled for July 7, and the familiarization with the case materials was postponed.

Earlier on the air of his program, the host Vladimir Solovyov showed the results of the examination, from which it follows that after the accident on Smolenskaya Square on the airbag from the driver’s side in the car of Mikhail Yefremov the traces of his DNA were found. According to Solovyov, the report was provided by a senior expert from the Moscow headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Finally, today, in general, a point has been put on i - Yefremov was driving a car, that is, there were not Martians, not evil spirits, but Yefremov himself”, - Dobrovinsky said then.

Let us recall that on July 3, the actor suddenly refused to admit his guilt, despite the fact that he had previously repented and recorded an emotional video message to the family of the deceased.