Ministry of Industry and Trade intends to soften alcohol sales rules
7 July , 09:35
The department is preparing a bill according to which the regions will be able to independently allow the sale of alcohol in shops and cafes located near medical facilities.

Most parties in the State Duma criticized the document, saying that such an approach would lead directly to soldering citizens, Izvestia reported. Experts are inclined to believe that the rules for the sale of alcohol should be more flexible.

The bill prepared by the department will be introduced in the government in the third quarter of 2020. After that, parliament will take up its consideration. Currently, the sale of alcohol near medical facilities is prohibited.

Let us recall that on May 5, a law came into force in Russia that prohibits the sale of alcohol in catering establishments located on the first floors of apartment buildings and in adjacent territories, if the area of the service halls of these establishments does not exceed 20 square meters.