Sign of the times: "I will buy a place in a queue for a CT scan of the lungs..."
7 October , 20:03
Thanks to the optimization of domestic healthcare, those with covid in the Russian regions found themselves practically in a hopeless situation.

I will buy a place in a queue for the CT of lungs and pleural cavity. There is a doctor's referral, ”Perm journalist Yulia Aleeva wrote a few days ago in her blog. And she explained what caused such an unusual request at first glance:

Well, there is simply no other way out. Temperature the sixth day, wild weakness, yesterday I lost my scent. Today the doctor at Alfa said to have a CT scan within two days. And the record there is only 21st. I signed up for Medlife. On the 17th. It is simply impossible to call an ambulance..."

This is the pandemic reality in the Russian regions, where ambulances are waiting, if not a day, then ten hours, and for a CT scan, those who are registered now will come in a couple of weeks if they are alive.

A little later, Yulia added to her post:

Upd - signed up for the 8th. I want to open the champagne straight) I'll leave the post for now. Suddenly, someone will come in handy with passwords (God forbid, of course)".