The FAS said that the dose of the coronavirus vaccine will not be more expensive than a thousand rubles
7 October , 09:37
The head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) Igor Artemyev said that the cost of a coronavirus vaccine released in Russia would not exceed 1,000 rubles per dose. He explained the high price by the fact that capital is needed to expand production.

"We understand that the tariff can be quite high, say, within a thousand rubles, up to a thousand rubles per dose, since [vaccines] are produced in relatively small batches, and they need capital to expand production. Therefore, we agreed that this would be a kind of formula when we establish this tariff by determining the cost price, because there is no base for comparison with other countries", - TASS quotes Igor Artemiyev as saying.

However, the tariff has not yet been established, but already now it can be argued that it will be less than a thousand rubles. Later it will decrease, "when indicators for the reference countries appear".

Note that the head of the FAS did not indicate what kind of vaccine was in question, because in the Russian Federation three drugs are produced at once for coronavirus.

We will remind that earlier it was reported that the Russian government will establish how much each region will receive a new vaccine against COVID-19 in order to avoid drug shortages. It was also indicated that prices will be set and regulated by the state.

Earlier it was reported that the vaccine will cost 12 thousand rubles.