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Holds hard: scientists have discovered that covid may be a chronic condition
8 January 2021, 10:47
Holds hard: scientists have discovered that covid may be a chronic condition
Photo: gubdaily.ru
Those with mild coronavirus continue to experience some of the symptoms of the disease for several months after being cured. Those who have recovered become dependent on outside help, and the coronavirus itself can become a chronic disease.

Scientists from Belgium and the Netherlands made such conclusions by observing the process of recovery of patients after coronavirus.

The results of the scientists' work are published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Researchers studied data on 1,837 patients in whom covid leaks were mild. All patients were under the age of 47. After outpatient treatment, they had some complaints for at least three months. As it turned out, almost half of the patients needed care, and one in three needed constant help.

"This indicates that the impact of COVID-19 on patients 'daily lives is enormous and more attention needs to be paid to identifying treatment strategies to restore patients' independence”, - the scientists said.

After recovery, 98% of study participants could not get rid of fatigue, 90% continued to experience muscle weakness, 88% continued to have sleep problems, and 87% experienced various pains.

Scientists have noticed that covid can be considered a chronic disease if its symptoms persist for 12 weeks or longer.

Let us remind you that the World Health Organization has warned that the coronavirus pandemic will not be the last. The head of the organization, Tedros Adanom Ghebreyesus, advised countries to develop preparedness capacities to prevent, detect and mitigate the consequences of emergencies of all kinds, and called on the global community as a whole to strengthen health systems.

To date, the number of detected cases of coronavirus in the world amounted to 87 186 540. As of January 7, more than 17 million people were vaccinated against covid. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 3,332,142 COVID-19 infections have been registered in Russia.