Extremely important device for viral diagnostics has risen in price by 6 times
8 April , 13:30
The price of a pulmonary oximeter, almost unknown to anyone, allowing to determine the severity of coronavirus disease, has risen in a couple of weeks from 1,400 to 9,000 rubles

The popular Moscow blogger Mikhail Nefedov, who had a coronavirus infection and was finally discharged from the hospital today, drew attention to how merchants with the most necessary goods these days earn money.

A few weeks ago, Mikhail bought for 1400 rubles an extremely necessary gadget - a pulse oximeter, which allows you to determine the severity of a coronavirus disease, either to leave the patient at home or to urgently be taken to the hospital to connect to the ventilator.

The fact is that this device measures the level of oxygen saturation of your circulatory system, and therefore shows the work of the lungs. It is attached with a clothespin to the finger and connected to the monitor. The very next day after the purchase, Michael noticed that the price of an already quite expensive device increased to 2,800 rubles , that is, exactly 2 times. But now it is already 6 times more expensive! And probably this is not the limit ...