The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed to make change into the driver's license and vehicle passport
8 July , 12:39
The Ministry of Internal Affairs intends to make changes of the appearance of the driver’s license and vehicle passport. It is proposed to add to this documents the inscriptions in English and French - DRIVING LICENCE and PERMICE DE CONDUIRE.

These changes are proposed in the framework of the amendments to the previously adopted regulatory acts, which relate to the admission of vehicles and drivers to participate in road traffic.

To date, only one phrase has been applied to the rights of Russian drivers - “Driving License” in Russian language. New inscriptions are planned to be made of purple colour and placed in three lines.

The data entered in the document will be clarified. In the PTS, it will be possible to indicate information on engine power, the period of state registration for those machines that are put on a limited account. In addition, the column “Special marks” will be changed. If the vehicle passport is lost, the document will be issued according to the new rules, if the car was not previously registered with the state.

Let us recall that from July 1 the import into Russia of certain types of right-hand drive cars was banned.

Previously, authorities demanded to register the environmental class of all cars.