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28% of Russians called 2020 one of the worst years in life
8 November 2020, 17:28
28% of Russians called 2020 one of the worst years in life
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This year is not over yet, but the first attempts to sum up its results have already begun. They are, unequivocally, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and its consequences, bleak for most people around the world. Many lost their jobs, went bankrupt, ruined their health, and even lost loved ones.

According to a study by the Rabota.ru service, more than half of Russians (61%) called 2020 a bad year, and only 3% said that it was the best in their life for them, reports the Kommersant newspaper. Perhaps for them this is due to some personal events such as the birth of children or the successful graduation from a prestigious university.

"More than half of the inhabitants of Russia (61%) gave 2020 1-4 points out of 10 possible, including 28% of respondents rated the current year at 1 point - it has become one of the worst in their life for them", - the RIA Novosti news agency notes".

Slightly more than a fifth of respondents (21%) rated 2020 in the range from 5 to 10 points. In their opinion, the past ten months for them differed little from most of the other years lived. Another 18% rated the last months at six points. Among the most difficult problems, the respondents named the loss of a job or its reduction, a drop in their income, psychological problems due to the consequences of the pandemic, anxiety for health, and the inability to go on vacation abroad.

In Russia, meanwhile, since the beginning of the pandemic, 1,753,836 cases of coronavirus infection have already been identified, 1,312,927 people have recovered, and 30,251 patients have died. The number of daily detected cases of infection exceeds the mark of 20 thousand, and the number of deaths - 350 people.