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A planned murder, not an affect: the disrupter Sokolov prepared in advance
8 December 2020, 13:46
A planned murder, not an affect: the disrupter Sokolov prepared in advance
The dismemberment Oleg Sokolov was preparing to get rid of the corpse of his victim even before the murder of his partner.

At the last court hearing on this resonant case, a terrible and changing detail was revealed: the former associate professor of St. Petersburg State University began looking for a place where he would hide the corpse even before the murder.

Ivan Petrovsky

These data were obtained after the prosecutor and the lawyer of the injured party studied two documents - the details of the Internet connections from Sokolov's computer and the forensic examination, which revealed the exact time of the murder. “At 2.13 he checks the Moika and Pryazhki embankments in Google maps”, - Aleksandr Baksheyev, the lawyer of the injured party , quoted the documents. - The deceased spoke with her brother for two minutes, told him that everything was fine, and at that time he was looking at the locations where to dump the remains of Anastasia - still alive at that time! There can be no talk of any affect here, he was planning a murder".

The criminal several times flipped through the locations on the Pryazhka and Moika embankments: it was at one of these places that he eventually dumped the dismembered remains of his victim. Sokolov himself was forced to admit that he had googled these dark places near the rivers. The accused explained this fact unintelligibly: allegedly it helped him to distract himself from the quarrel with his partner.

The strange shamelessness of the disrupter Sokolov's behavior at court sessions has long surprised both professional lawyers and observers. So, Oleg Sokolov repeatedly raised his voice to the prosecutor, allowed himself blasphemous accusations of "bad upbringing" against Anastasia Yeshchenko, who was killed by him, threatened to complain to Vladimir Putin... What is the reason?

“Actually, this is expected. A year ago, at a press conference, I announced that Sokolov was preparing the assassination of St. Petersburg State University graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko; it was not an act of accidental emotions. He is a monstrously dangerous person”, - historian Yevgeny Ponasenkov told Novye Izvestia. - Remember what he did with another girl - Yekaterina Przhigodskaya back in 2008! As it became known, he mocked her for a long time and the victim miraculously managed to avoid death. Naturally, Sokolov will blatantly lie and invent utter nonsense - such is his nature. Moreover, apparently, he feels the behind-the-scenes support of high officials”, - Yevgeny Ponasenkov believes.

Novye Izvestia also asked the scientist a question about the reason for the constant insults from the killer towards him. “Oleg Sokolov is ruined by envy. All his life he ran mummers, playing in reconstruction, and did not write a single scientific book. As a result, by the end of his life, he remained at a broken trough, but with great ambitions. When my major work "The First Scientific History of the War of 1812" was published in 890 pages (publishing house AST, circulation 60,000 copies), it finally "blew its roof". He could take out all his complexes only on those who are weaker than him. This could have pushed the pseudo-historian Sokolov to the brutal murder of the girl, ”said Yevgeny Ponasenkov.

The court hearings in the case of the disrupter Sokolov have been going on since March 2020. It is difficult to find a rational explanation for the delay in this process. However, at the last meeting, there was still hope that this process would soon come to an end.