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The expert told about the new bans for residents of apartment buildings
8 December 2020, 09:24
The expert told about the new bans for residents of apartment buildings
Alexey Krichevsky, real estate market expert at the Academy of Finance and Investment Management, recalled that starting from 2021, residents of apartment buildings will be prohibited from storing personal belongings both in attics and on the basement floors.

"Since the new year, residents are prohibited from storing personal belongings not only in the attics of apartment buildings, but also on the basement floors, where pickles, cans and other country attributes were often stored. Gas appliances cannot be operated in the event of their malfunction and without undergoing maintenance", - said Krichevsky in an interview with the Prime agency.

Thus, it turns out that it is possible to prohibit the use of any gas stove until the diagnostics of this equipment is carried out at the expense of the tenant, the expert points out. As for practice, hardly anyone will initiate mass checks of gas appliances in homes, if there is no special need, added Krichevsky.

He noted that now it will be forbidden to leave candles, unextinguished cigarettes unattended on balconies and loggias. Also, starting from the new year, all the bars on the windows of basements and emergency exits will have to open. Failure to comply with the new bans will result in fines.

"For all these offenses, you can get a fine from 2 thousand to 5 thousand rubles in accordance with Art. 20.4 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. If harm is caused to the health of other people, Art. 219 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Violation of fire safety requirements"", - said Krichevsky.

He added that no fundamental changes are expected in this.

We will remind that earlier the Ministry of Construction proposed to stop building apartments.