The photo of the day: The covid everyday life of the Moscow metro
9 October , 14:00
A photo taken in the Moscow metro is circulating on social networks.

The passenger put a plastic bag on his head, apparently hoping to avoid contracting the coronavirus.

"Insanity grows stronger!", "Rather budgetary", "The main thing is whether all of us are forced to walk like that or not!", - the leitmotif of the comments.

Let us recall that Rospotrebnadzor recently announced the detection of coronavirus on the surfaces of the Moscow subway, on door handles, as well as in hospitals.

"We find positive samples on surfaces. Out of 11,000 studies, 17 positive samples of washes from surfaces. These are the metro, door handles and other objects", the Interfax news agency quoted the head of the department, Anna Popova, at a meeting of the RAS Presidium.