Photo of the day: That is how in 1981 the first Immortal Regiment march looked like
10 May , 17:23
Unlike today's carnival, at a procession that took place in 1981 in the Rostov Region, portraits of their dead sons were carried by their grieving mothers.

The fact that the celebration of Victory Day today has turned into is clearly illustrated by this photograph, which captures people who realistically, rather than festively, expressed in their march all the hopeless sorrow in which they had to live after the war.

Mothers in black robes, who did not wait for their sons from the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, carry their portraits along the streets. That is what the first “Immortal Regiment” in the world looked like, which took place back in 1981 in the village of Tatsinskaya, Rostov Region, and was invented by not Tomsk journalists and not Tyumen pensioners. And it was true, and it was grief...