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The media reported about the almost complete restoration of Navalny
10 September 2020, 15:48
The media reported about the almost complete restoration of Navalny
Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny fully recovered on Tuesday. Now his health is better than one would expect in such a situation, points out The Insider. Companions of the oppositionist found "a huge number of mistakes" in articles about improving his condition.

According to the newspaper, the oppositionist was able to recall the events that happened to him before the poisoning, right up to the time he passed out in the toilet of the plane.

After Navalny came to his senses in the German clinic Charite, the hospital's security was increased. The source of the publication indicates that in order to meet with Navalny, you need to overcome three security cordons. The "red threat" - the highest level of security - was introduced the day before after it turned out that Navalny was able to remember all the events of the day of the poisoning. This makes his position dangerous, the source said. At the same time, the Berlin police told RIA Novosti that they do not know where the information about the strengthening of Navalny's security came from.

The doctors allowed visitors to visit the patient. Previously, only his wife was allowed near him.

The source indicates that the German special services are preparing for both physical threats and a "disinformation storm", including attempts to discredit the Charite clinic itself.

German doctors believe that Navalny will be able to recover by at least 90%. Mentally, however, he completely recovered. The authors of the publication note that Skripal and Gebrev recovered much more difficult and longer. The Charité doctors believe that Navalny was able to survive only thanks to the quick reaction of the Russian pilots who decided to land the plane in Omsk, and thanks to the fact that he received atropine at the airport.

Navalny's spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh, said The Insider's article is "very grossly exaggerated and contains many factual inaccuracies":

- In connection with the latest materials about Alexey: that he regains consciousness and reacts to others, we reported back on Monday, but basically the article is very greatly exaggerated and contains many factual inaccuracies, - wrote Yarmysh.

Der Spiegel also wrote about the improvement in Navalny's condition.

Another associate of the oppositionist, Leonid Volkov, told Meduza that he would be glad if "what Der Spiegel writes were true, but unfortunately, this article contains a huge number of factual errors".

Earlier, the German media published an article stating that Navalny was poisoned by a certain "new version" of the Novichok poison, which the world had never encountered before. At the same time, the publication says, this substance is much more deadly than the one with which Skripal was poisoned.