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Cigarettes in Russia will be self-extinguishing
11 January 2021, 09:30
Cigarettes in Russia will be self-extinguishing
Photo: inc-news.ru
New requirements for cigarettes are being prepared by the Ministry of Emergency Situations together with the Ministry of Health. The document will be approved in two years.

"We are now working on a standard for cigarettes to be self-extinguishing - this is when a ring-shaped device is inserted into cigarette paper, which, if not puffed, leads to its extinguishing", - TASS quotes the words of Rinat Yenikeyev, the head of the Department of Supervision and Preventive Work of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

He added that this practice is widespread in Europe. Moreover, self-extinguishing cigarettes were also in the USSR, and there were practically no fires from them. Now, for the manufacture of cigarettes, nitrate paper is used, and it burns well. In this regard, Yenikeyev emphasized, a lot of fires in Russia begin with an unextinguished cigarette.

Earlier, the Ministry of Emergency Situations stated that fires in shopping centers often occur due to non-observance of safety rules by employees, including those who forget to put out a cigarette when going out for a smoke break.

Let us recall that in 2021, for the tenants of apartment buildings it was forbidden to leave candles, unextinguished cigarettes unattended on balconies and loggias.