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In the colony of Angarsk, where there was a riot, a hanged convict was found
12 April 2020, 12:38
In the colony of Angarsk, where there was a riot, a hanged convict was found
Photo: BAZA
Last day in the strict regime colony N15 of of Angarsk city, Irkutsk Region, a large fire was extinguished on the area of 30 thousand square meters, arranged by prisoners during the riot. According to human rights activists, when clearing the rubble, the body of the hanged convict was discovered.

On Friday evening, it was reported that the prisoners of the colony staged a riot during which they set fire to the production facilities. It was also reported that there were serious clashes between the prisoners and the FSIN special forces. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the disorganization of the activities of the correctional institution. According to investigators, on April 9, during a hang-up, one of the prisoners "did not comply with the requirements of the colony staff" and began to "swear at them." Several convicts at the time inflicted bodily harm, as well as an employee of the institution suffered from unlawful actions of the latter. Prisoners say they were beaten by staff members for these actions.

The chairman of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) of the Irkutsk Region Oleg Antipenko told the Ekho Moskvy radio station about the discovered hanged prisoner . The PMC said that for two days their representatives were not allowed into the colony, referring to measures to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. But later it became known that today members of the regional PMC will nevertheless conduct an inspection of the correctional institution.

Last day, activist of the “Association of Popular Resistance” Mikhail Pulin opened his veins at the entrance to the Ministry of Justice in Moscow. So he expressed support for the prisoners, whose riot suppressed the special forces. According to OVD-Info, four more activists were detained in Moscow yesterday, who planned to hold their rally in their support.

The territory of the colony (in the photo) now resembles a place of hostilities, the telegram channel of the Baza publication reports. " One person died during the riot. The number of victims of the assault is unknown, but, according to eyewitnesses, the uprising was crushed with particular cruelty"