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Vadim Zhartun: "Rub the Russian prince - you will find either Polovtzy or Petchenegs ..."
12 April 2020, 00:19
Vadim Zhartun: "Rub the Russian prince - you will find either Polovtzy or Petchenegs ..."
Even if you walk very quickly through the Russian princes, it turns out that almost every second person has either a Polovtsian mother or a grandmother.

In his next address to compatriots, Putin on the occasion of the coronavirus epidemic, said, among other things, this:

Dear friends! Everything passes and this will pass. Our country has repeatedly gone through serious trials: both the Pechenegs tormented it and the Polovtsy, Russia dealt with everything. We will defeat this coronavirus infection . ”

It is no secret that these very words provoked a violent reaction in the educated society. Everyone immediately began to recall a similar phrase by the famous Russian lawyer Plevako, who allegedly made the court acquit the old woman who stole a cheap teapot by precisely comparing this crime with the bloody raids of the Polovtsy and Pechenegs. However, according to historians, most likely the lawyers attributed the whole story to the writer Veresaev.

Be that as it may, but everyone started talking about the Pechenegs and the Polovets. Including network analyst Vadim Zhartun, who left a funny post on his blog about this:

“Well, if Vladimir Vladimirovich said that, then, apparently, it’s all rubbish: nobody, like the Polovtsy, did not torment Mother Mother. Everything happened in the history of Russia: enemies killed, burned, robbed, stole people into slavery, collected tribute, but all this pales next to the atrocities of the Polovtsy.

The Polovtsian khans acted much more cruelly and sophisticatedly: they found something more sympathetic among their daughters (since there were a lot of them) and ... they gave her in marriage to a Russian prince. Well, that, of course, immediately began to plague the prince: “take out the garbage”, “buy a sable fur coat”, “why does the neighboring prince have a bigger princedom and the climate is better there”?

Then the Polovtsian princess gained weight, stopped shaving her legs, and finally began to give birth to the prince of children who finally finished off the poor thing: “dad, I want a sword-treasure”, “dad, play war game with me”, “dad, and let someone put on the count. "

And these were not isolated cases, but a system. If you very, very fluently walk through the Russian princes, it turns out that almost every second one has a Polovtsian mother or grandmother. Here's a brief tour of the most famous semi-Polovtsian princes on the thrones of ancient Russia.

Children of the daughter of the Polovtsian Khan Aepa and Yuri Dolgoruky - Prince of Rostov-Suzdal and the Grand Duke of Kiev, the founder of Moscow:

The youngest son of the Polovtsian princess and Vsevolod Yaroslavich - Prince of Kiev:

Children of Elena, daughter of the Polovtsian khan Tugorkan, and Svyatopolk Izyaslavich - Prince Polotsky, Novgorod, Turovsky, Grand Duke of Kiev:

Children of Freedom Konchakovna, daughter of the Polovtsian khan Konchak, and Vladimir Igorevich - Prince Putivlsky, Novgorod-Seversky, Galitsky (the son of the hero of the "Word of Igor's Regiment"):

  • Izyaslav Vladimirovich - Prince Terebovlsky, Putivlsky, Novgorod-Seversky, Grand Prince of Kiev;
  • Vsevolod Vladimirovich - according to the Vvedensky synodik, he occupied the Chernigov table.

The son of the daughter of Khan Teigak and Mstislav Danilovich - Prince Lutsk and Volyn:

  • Daniil Mstislavich (died before the death of his father).

Children of Maria, Princess of Polovtsia, daughter of Khan Kotyan, and Mstislav Mstislavovich - Prince of Trepolsky, Toropetskiy, Novgorod, Galitsky, Torchessky:

  • Vasily Mstislavich - Prince of Novotorzhsky;
  • Izyaslav (presumably) - Grand Duke of Kiev;
  • Yuri Mstislavich - Prince of Pskov;
  • Theodosius Mstislavna is the holy Grand Duchess of Vladimir, mother of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky.

The son of the daughter of the Polovtsian khan Osoluk and Oleg Svyatoslavich - Prince Volynsky, Tmutarakansky, Chernihiv, Novgorod-Seversky:

  • Svyatoslav Olgovich - Prince of Novgorod, Kursk, Starodubsky and Belgorod, Novgorod-Seversky, Turovsky, Chernihiv.

The daughter of the Khan of Polovtsian Beluk was the wife of Rurik Rostislavich - the third son of Rostislav Mstislavich, Prince of Novgorod, Chernigov, Grand Duke of Kiev.

Well, the results are literally obvious: in the first picture there is a reconstruction of the appearance of St. Andrew Bogolyubsky, Prince Vladimir, made in 1941 on his skull by V.V. Ginzburg ... "