The authorities explained why a traffic jam consisted of the ambulances arose in Khimki in Moscow region
13 April , 12:21
The irregular appearance of the free beds in medical institutions has caused traffic jams consisted of ambulances in Khimki, Moscow Region.

This was told by the head of the capital’s Health department Alexei Khripun on the air of Channel One.

"An ambulance takes patients to the hospital where free beds appear, and these beds appear unevenly. Such lines of waiting machines usually are generated when a new clinic is opened for these purposes”, - Khripun said and asked to deal with these difficulties with understanding.

We have to recall that on April 11, at the entrance to the clinical center of the Federal Biomedical Agency (FMBA), a column of six dozen “ambulances” was observed. Information about what happened was distributed in the media. According to the Coronavirus Control Headquarters, this was due to a sharp increase in patient flow.

Earlier, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the situation with the infection of a new coronavirus infection in the capital is becoming increasingly serious. And vice-mayor Anastasia Rakova noted that "the number is growing not only among hospitalized, but also with the patients with a severe course of the disease, the patients with coronavirus pneumonia".

“Metropolitan hospitals and an ambulance are working to the limit,” Rakova reported.

Note that on April 11 in the capital 1306 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded. In total, more than 10 thousand cases of the disease have been confirmed in the capital. 72 patients died.