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Killed for asking "what happened?" "Tikhari" in masks terrorize Belarus
13 November 2020, 14:31
Killed for asking "what happened?" "Tikhari" in masks terrorize Belarus
During his presidency, Lukashenko managed to build a model in which all Belarusians prone to violence, robbery, sadism and violations of the law went to work in law enforcement agencies.

Yesterday in Belarus, residents of several cities held spontaneous actions - after the news of the death of Roman Bondarenko, severely beaten by unknown persons the day before, in intensive care in Minsk. He was 31 years old, previously he served in the internal troops.

Hundreds of people came to remember him at the Square of Changes in Minsk, where Bondarenko was kidnapped late Wednesday evening. They brought flowers, candles. Some of them chanted: "We will not forget, we will not forgive", "Stop this fascism", "Tribunal".

Residents of the Minsk "Square of Changes" told reporters that people in civilian clothes arrived in the courtyard of one of the nearby streets. They hid their faces with masks, hoods and hats. Unidentified persons brought knives and scissors, after which they began to remove white-red-white ribbons, which were a symbol of protest.

Bondarenko was among those residents who came out to learn about what was happening. According to eyewitnesses, a verbal skirmish ensued between another resident and one of the masked people. “Then he said something, and the man in the mask asked: 'Why are you a greyhound?' Pushed Roma closer to the mural, he tried to dodge, but the unknown grabbed him and threw him with all his might to the slide on the site. He hit his head hard”, - the witness said.

Роман Бондаренко

According to eyewitnesses, after the beating Bondarenko was "lifted from the ground", detained and taken away in a minibus. TUT.BY wrote that he was admitted to the hospital from the police department already unconscious with a severe head injury and with the wording: "I got injured during a fight".

As a result, Roman died in intensive care.

Meanwhile, the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that it was not police officers who beat him, but “caring citizens” in masks.

Journalist Dmitry Navosha in his channel makes an assumption about who these "caring" people were:

“One of the witnesses to the murder of Roman Bondarenko says that one of the Lukashists operating in the courtyard was very similar to Dmitry Baskov (attention: he is not 100% sure, it was dark and tense).

Dmitry Baskov, an incompetent hockey player, made a brilliant career after becoming the coach of his son Luka (Lukashenko, ed.). Now he is the head of the ice hockey federation, HC Dynamo and some factories - well, he works at night. What is precisely established is that Baskov had already participated in a similar struggle with symbols under the guise of boges, and thereby also provoked fights.

Dear sports journalists. In all cities where hockey "Dynamo" will play, do not forget to pry this bastard about his hobby of complicity in especially grave crimes..."

The famous Moscow publisher Boris Pasternak commented on this tragedy in the following way:

“I don’t know how things will develop in Minsk now - after the murder of Roman Bondarenko on the“ Square of Changes ”.

After a clean-up operation in the Kaskad quarter, apartment break-ins and searches of civil activists.

After the arrest of thousands of people in one day on November 8.

It is clear that the stake is made on cruelty and complete disregard for the law.

I admit that the protest may subside outwardly. Although I'm not at all sure about this - it may even outwardly jerk harder than before.

This is what I am absolutely convinced of is that there will be more hatred of the regime and the readiness to confront it in any way. And in what forms this readiness will manifest itself, people will decide for themselves. And I'm sure they will come up with a good idea. It will not necessarily be aggression, not everyone is inherent in it, in the end ... "

And the publicist Alexander Shmelev drew attention to the activities of masked “tikhars” as a completely Belarusian phenomenon:

“Yesterday, 31-year-old Belarusian Roman Bondarenko died in intensive care after being beaten to death by unknown security officials wearing masks in the yard of his own house.

In this regard, I once again think that the current model of Lukashenko - when on the streets of Belarusian cities unrestrained security officers dressed in balaclavas, who do not introduce themselves to anyone and do not show any documents - present unique opportunities for criminals!

In principle, any strong Belarusian with criminal inclinations can now easily put together a "brigade", buy (rent, steal) a black minibus, tint its windows, screw up the numbers, acquire clubs and balaclavas - after which this "brigade" has almost limitless possibilities...

You can engage in banal gop-stop, driving through the streets and looking out for expensively dressed people. As you see such a person, you slow down, pounce on him in a crowd, beat him, drag him into a minibus, where, as part of a "search", you take away your watch, mobile phone, wallet and jewelry, after which you use torture and beatings to find out the password for your mobile phone and PIN-codes of credit cards, and then You throw the poor fellow somewhere in the forest belt, presenting it as a special favor - so be it, they say, we won't take you to Akrestsin Street, you can go home.

You can rob apartments under the guise of "searches", taking out electronics and savings from there.

You can take contracts for contract killings, including - at the request of the customer - with special cruelty.

And so on. The possibilities, I repeat, are practically limitless.

Moreover, if I correctly understand the current situation in Belarus, absolutely nothing threatens such brigades. Most likely, no one will even look for them! After all, when the beaten, robbed and relatives of the victims come to the police with statements, the police will diligently sweep them under the rug in full confidence that they are talking about their colleagues. "They pounced in a crowd in balaclavas, beat and confiscated everything? Of course, they were ours!"

I am almost sure that in Russia, and in Ukraine, and in Poland, and in France, and in the United States, in similar conditions, local criminals would have thought of such ideas long ago. And the fact that this has not yet happened in Belarus - at least massively - testifies to some unique law-abiding Belarusians. Just incredible!

But since there are no nations consisting entirely of good and law-abiding people, it must be assumed that Belarus also has its own crime. It's just that in 26 years Lukashenko managed to build a model in which all this crime, all Belarusians prone to violence, robbery, sadism and violations of the law, went to work in the police, the KGB and the OMON. All as one, without exception.

"Thief, robber, robber, murderer, bandit? Great, but in what rank?"

I would very much like, of course, to live to see the courts over this system and each specific member of it! And so that these courts are open, public and broadcast live on TV. I am sure that such courts will be watched with pleasure not only in Belarus, but also in Russia and around the world. They will have a very great educational value..."