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Road carriers in protest stopped entering China through the border checkpoint in Primorsky Territory
14 May 2020, 10:56
Road carriers in protest stopped entering China through the border checkpoint in Primorsky Territory
Photo: Интерфакс
Russian truckers staged a protest against the reduction in cargo flow through the border checkpoint Suifenhe.

“A spontaneous decision has been made to stop the entry of trucks to China for three days,” quotes Kommersant as Chairman of the Primorsky Territory Transport Union Trade Union Petr Kupriyanov.

Kupriyanov added that carriers took such a protest in order to “draw the attention of the authorities to the current situation”.

Earlier, the head of the Vladivostok branch of the Federal State Institution "Rosgranstroy" Igor Khrushchev said that the throughput of the Border - Suifenhe point was halved. Thus, only 15 vehicles pass in each direction, and not 30.

This situation is due to the fact that on May 12, after crossing the border in a Chinese city, a coronavirus was detected in a Russian driver.

“The Chinese side immediately quarantined the hotel where the Russian drivers lived, and notified the Russian side that the capacity on the Chinese side would decrease in the next two to three days,” said Khrushchev, adding that China promises to provide Russian drivers of another hotel until May 15.

According to Kupriyanov, at present more than three hundred trucks have accumulated at the checkpoint.

- People have to wait many days for their turn to enter China. At the same time, there are no conditions for this - even the toilet has to run into the bushes, - says the head of the union.

He notes that the protesters are outraged, first of all, by the “terrible state” of the Borderline point. Kupriyanov said that the federal authorities have long promised to reconstruct it, including increasing its throughput, but so far this has not happened.

The authorities of Primorsky Krai appealed to the government of the Chinese province of Heilongjiang with a request to resume full-scale passage of freight transport through the border crossing.

Recall that back in mid-April, when the Chinese side closed all its international checkpoints, it was reported about the accumulation of trucks at border crossings between Russia and China. Earlier, Heilongjiang authorities warned that they would not restore the message at the Border - Suifunhe after April 13.