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Ambulance paramedic: anti-vaxxers become more toxic
14 July 2021, 12:46
Ambulance paramedic: anti-vaxxers become more toxic
More and more people in Russia are beginning to understand that the campaign against vaccination is organized and the real goals of its organizers have nothing to do with caring for their health.

Nikolay Yakubenko, paramedic

The anti-vaccination campaign in Russia is breaking all records! Bloggers, "people in white coats" who call themselves doctors, all kinds of "experts" and whole crowds of "eyewitnesses" - everyone is participating! Passions are boiling so that a few more people who have risked being vaccinated against covid with the Russian vaccine will in all seriousness be called "quilted jackets" and agents of the Kremlin.

The official and loyal media in this competition resemble our national football team - they are losing outright. No chance at all.

But still quite recently, just a couple of months ago, the topic of vaccination did not seem worthy of attention. The incidence and mortality figures from covid-19 in the country were very optimistic, and the dynamics are positive. Gradually, everyone calmed down and moved away from the self-isolation they had experienced. For the most part, they stopped wearing masks, no one seriously thought about compulsory vaccination. It seemed that just a little bit more and everything would be over. Therefore, no one paid special attention to the hysterical screams of anti-vaccinators.

Suddenly, an Indian strain of covid reached Russia. Suddenly! Who would have thought? It's sarcasm. Previously, those who had successfully recovered from the "old" strain began to massively become infected with the new one.

The authorities came to their senses, but by that time anti-vaccines had already formed a firm opinion in society that vaccinations against covid were evil. And vaccinations made in Russia are an absolute evil. And that normal people, of course, are not fond of "Kremlin propaganda".

It's time to introduce yourself. I work as a paramedic of the mobile ambulance team of the city of Krasnodar . He worked in the "covid" brigade from April last year to February this year. I felt all the "charms" of covid-19 on myself and know a little about the topic.

People began to be massively vaccinated relatively recently and the results were amazing! Infant mortality almost immediately decreased significantly, epidemics began to be forgotten as a nightmare. Relaxed. But even a hundred years ago, entire villages died out from the same smallpox ...

Don't like vaccination? Don't want to stab your children with something you don't understand? Then get ready for the fact that half of your children will die of infection before they reach the age of 10 - this was about the statistics before. And this is only part of the consequences of refusing mass vaccination.

Even the very first vaccines (terribly imperfect and dangerous by modern standards) became a real breakthrough in the fight against dangerous infectious diseases and were used massively in spite of everything. Because the benefits of using them outweighed all possible risks. And it also happened that inaction was like death - as in the story of the polio vaccine. By the way, it was developed in the USSR and became a salvation for millions of children around the world.

It is surprising that for a long time there have been no special complaints about flu shots, for example. Vaccination against influenza has been taking place for many years and gives consistently good results - in recent years, the flu has really begun to get sick much less often.

Everyone knows that the covid-19 virus is very similar to the regular flu virus. And vaccinations against influenza and against covid-19 are also similar, Russian scientists have not invented anything fundamentally new. But flu shots are okay, and covid shots are Hell, Death and Tyranny of the hated totalitarian regime! Does it seem strange to me alone?

Big questions are raised by the "experts in white coats" who call themselves doctors. They shoot reports for YouTube in offices against the background of some letters and diplomas, while, in the opinion of a specialist, they demonstrate a lack of basic knowledge in medicine. Let me remind you once again that I work as a paramedic in an ambulance and I understand something about this.

For some reason, it seems to me that the overwhelming majority of such "experts" have never worked with real "serious" patients. And people dying from lack of oxygen have not been seen in the eyes.

Anti-vaccines do not have their own effective solutions to combat the covid-19 pandemic, but only shout that "people are being forced." At the same time, everyone knows the solution to the problem - this is vaccination. Therefore, despite all the efforts of professional manipulators, more and more people decide to get vaccinated.

In Russia, people have seen enough of everything... Perestroika, the collapse of the USSR, the dashing 90s (which in some places never ended). Endless crises and other fun. Our people do not trust the authorities and have a full reason for that.

We've been deceived too often. Not only their own state, but also all sorts of "authoritative and respected" crooks.

Those who lived in the dashing 90s probably remember Herbalife and other offices for withdrawing money from the population. We also remember the "experts" in white coats who smartly advertised "new, unparalleled and super effective drugs." Diuretic under the guise of weight loss drugs, "miracle cures" for impotence, in the development of which shamans and professional sorcerers clearly took part (judging by the reviews of those who risked using them). And many more interesting things.

The fire of covid infection in Russia flares up. Suddenly it turned out that the advice of the "experts" makes it not better, but only worse. And what if by the time of the arrival of the new "Indian" strain of coronavirus at least half of the population of Russia had been vaccinated, we would have passed the new wave of covid-19 much easier.

Many people do suffer from covid. Rich and poor, directors and laborers. When they realize that they were deceived, used for their own selfish interests and that many tragedies could have been avoided...

Now the covid is breaking records in Russia. This is forcing more and more people to reconsider their attitude towards vaccination. The attitude towards those who are actively campaigning for the refusal of vaccinations is also changing. The very logic of the development of events gradually makes anti-vaccines "toxic".

One gets the impression that the "customers" of the anti-vaccination campaign in Russia have made a serious mistake somewhere. Because right before our eyes, the focus of public discontent is turning 180 degrees.

More and more people are beginning to understand that the campaign against vaccination is organized and the real goals of its organizers have nothing to do with caring for their health.