A criminal case has been opened against Alexei Navalny due to the defamation of a veteran
15 June , 18:14
Photo: Youtube.com
This is a video in which the World War II participant Ignat Artemenko expressed his position on the upcoming vote on amendments to the Constitution. Politician Alexei Navalny posted this video in his accounts on social networks, accompanying him with a comment that the veteran considered offensive.

According to the website of the Investigative Committee, Alexei Navalny is suspected of committing a crime under Part 2 of Art. 128.1 of the Criminal Code (defamation, that is the dissemination of knowingly false information discrediting the honor and dignity of another person and undermining his reputation contained in a public speech).

Commentary by Alexei Navalny is characterized as containing knowingly false information discrediting the honor and dignity of Ignat Artemenko. The investigation reads that the politician thus pursued the goal of spreading slander among a wide range of people. Investigative actions are now being taken to establish all the circumstances of the incident.

Earlier in the media and telegram channels it was reported that after the incident, the state of health of Ignat Artemenko worsened. “I’m the grandson of the same front-line soldier whom Navalny called a traitor and lackey. We, of course, hid this abomination from the 93-year-old man who went through the war, was wounded. But today, grandfather accidentally found out about it. He’s got very bad”, RT quotes the words of the grandson of veteran Igor Kolesnikov. According to him, they had to call an ambulance, "the doctor diagnosed the ischemic heart disease due to the disfunction of the nervous system".

It is worth noting that mainly in the video shot by RT, the preamble of the main law of the country was read by Russian artists and public figures, as well as cardiac surgeon Leo Bokeria.