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Philip Kirkorov angered paratroopers by the image of a gay man in a striped vest
15 June 2020, 19:12
Philip Kirkorov angered paratroopers by the image of a gay man in a striped vest
The head of the State Duma’s Defense Committee, the ex-commander of the Airborne Forces, Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov urged singer Philip Kirkorov to apologize for the video he shot about the paratroopers and remove it from all social networks.

Angelica Dean

Previously, Kirkorov posted a video on his Instagram account in which he appeared as a paratrooper. The video was made for a humorous sketch show.

“I want to tell Philip Kirkorov that there is a saying in Russia: do not wake it up while it is quiet. Like many paratroopers, I watched this disgusting plot, where you, Mr. Kirkorov, insult the two main symbols of the paratroopers - a vest and takes... My recommendation to you: apologize and remove your lampoon from the social networks for your own good", - Shamanov told RIA Novosti.

The former commander of the Airborne Forces also recalled the catchphrase "A paratrooper can offend everyone, but not everyone has time to apologize" and advised the singer not to offend the paratroopers.

Director Marius Weisberg, the author of the video for the sketch show in which Philip Kirkorov appeared as a paratrooper, answered the former head of the Russian Airborne Forces to sharp criticism. However, the singer did not delete the video from his Instagram.

Singer Vika Tsyganova condemned a comic clip in which her colleague Philip Kirkorov portrayed a paratrooper. According to the artist, it’s wrong to “tease” the military who defend the homeland and its citizens, including Kirkorov himself and his children.

"One must know the measure, - stated Tsyganova to Tsargrad-TV, - Don't tease the bulls with a red rag”.

She noted that the paratroopers performed the real feats, "they saw the death," and she herself was in Chechnya 12 times, and she did not like such jokes.

“One must still relate to this somehow humanly and fairly”, the singer added.

Almost every day a new scandal involving the stars of the theater, cinema and pop. People and honored were very distinguished during the pandemic. In my opinion, the general is right in declaring that Kirkorov "insults the vest and takes it." I remembered farewell to the director Alexei Balabanov, who bequeathed to bury himself in his favorite vest. Alexei Balabanov was an officer, served in the Navy, and fought in Afghanistan. The vest and takes the paratrooper “force themselves to respect”, and if you already arrange humorous shows with them, you need to do it talentedly! Kirkorov’s quarantine fortress can hardly claim a creative breakthrough. Yes, and the public Kirkorov’s masquerade took hostility. On social networks, viewers demand "put Phil in place." Recently, our viewers have been outraged by the behavior and work of the once beloved artists. Why is this happening? Who's guilty? I asked these questions to the popular writer Dina Rubina:

"If ordinary people experience rage for artists, what do they feel for the military, the police, the deputies of the Duma - love? You see, this is a simple thing: when you do not like your child’s teacher or a doctor in your clinic, or a waiter in a restaurant ...you have to take some steps to change the situation. Well, I don’t know: to call a manager, go to the school principal, complain about the service... With us - writers, artists, singers - everything is much simpler: you turn off the TV, don’t buy a book, don’t go to the singer’s concert. To arrange a boycott for the artists is the simplest, it is easy. What kind of rage is this?! What is it connected with - the quality of programs? With lyrics? With the personalities of the singers themselves? Maybe with the fact that they finally began to earn normally? Earlier The Soviet government devoured everything, paying artists 8 rubles minus 1, 20 as an income tax”, - explained Dina Rubina.

There are a lot of questions to our artists, as well as to the audience too. As for the comedian Philip Kirkorov, who acted as a gay paratrooper, one thing can be said to him: “Dear Philip Bedrosovich, you are already old enough to be responsible for the words that you say to the millionth audience and for your behavior as well. Do not blame the others, as you like to do usually”.