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Media: the Immortal Regiment march again is rescheduled because of the coronavirus
15 July 2020, 16:01
Media: the Immortal Regiment march again is rescheduled because of the coronavirus
Photo: pobedarf.ru
The Immortal Regiment march which was canceled on May 9 due to the situation with the coronavirus pandemic and scheduled to be held on July 26, will be rescheduled again and may take place on September 2.

Vedomosti writes about this, referring to an official close to the Moscow City Hall and a source close to the authorities of one of the regions.

The first interlocutor told the publication that preparations for the procession had not yet begun in Moscow. The possible date for the Immortal Regiment, according to this person, is September 2. The second source confirmed the same date, explaining the transfer of the processions as not the most favorable epidemiological situation. The federal official, in turn, calls the reason for the transfer of shares not the situation with the coronavirus, but hot weather. According to him, participants in the procession may become ill due to strong stuffiness.

At the same time, naval parades that were scheduled for the same date will be held unchanged. According to a source in the Ministry of Defense, preparations for them continue at all bases of the fleets and flotillas, subject to all precautions.

This year, the Victory Day parade and the march of the Immortal Regiment, which has already taken place according to tradition, have been postponed since May 9 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The parade took place on June 24, and the procession was postponed to July 26 in the hope of improving the situation with the spread of coronavirus.

A previously informed source of Interfax reported that it was considering the possibility of "postponing the march to the fall, when the summer heat will be replaced by a more comfortable coolness."

As a possible day of the action, different dates in September were called: the day of the end of the Great Patriotic War - September 3, the day of the Battle of Borodino - September 8 and the day of the Battle of Kulikovo - September 21.