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In 2021 the pension will grow up to 17.4 thousand rubles
15 September 2020, 09:42
In 2021 the pension will grow up to 17.4 thousand rubles
Photo: akket.com
The average annual insurance pension for non-working citizens will increase to 17,443 rubles next year. Insurance pensions will be indexed by 6.3%, social - by 2.6%.

The Ministry of Labor informs about it.

7.8 trillion rubles will be allocated to pay insurance pension accruals in 2021.

- 632.7 billion rubles will be allocated for the payment of pensions for state pensions, additional payments to pensions, compensations, grants for burial, - the department said.

Earlier, the ministry indicated that in the next years the Russian Pension Fund will send 84 trillion rubles for pensions.

It should be noted that in Russia more and more citizens are trying to stay at work, so as not to be left alone with their pension, because they are sure that the payments from the state will not be enough to maintain a normal standard of living. For example, the overwhelming majority of teachers said they plan to continue working beyond retirement age.

And experts predicted even greater poverty for Russian pensioners. Such disappointing forecasts were expressed in connection with the growing number of self-employed citizens who do not deduct money to the FIU and do not earn "points" there. In the meantime, errors were identified in the accrual of pesii, which led to a shortage of these payments.