Viral glory: the cleaning lady, who became the head of the village, told that she contracted covid from Sobchak
15 October , 18:05
Photo: Вконтакте
Cleaning lady Marina Udgodskaya, chosen as the head of the Povalikha rural settlement in the north of the Kostroma region, said that after TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak visited the village, she and her child had a fever.

Marina Udgodskaya became famous for winning the election against a candidate from the "party in power", although no one in her homeland is surprised by this. "The media emphasize that she is a cleaner, but they do not indicate that Marina has worked as a local deputy for five years on a non-permanent basis. She knows the problems of the rural settlement, and people know her", - a representative of the department for internal politics of the Kostroma region told RIA Novosti. Finding another job in a small village, where 350 people live, more than a third of whom are pensioners, was very difficult for the deputy, - notes. Her primary plan now, as the head of a rural settlement, is to build a dam near the village so that the children can swim.

Ksenia Sobchak came to the Povalikha rural settlement on October 8 to shoot a new episode of the show "Beware, Sobchak". And yesterday, October 13, the media reported that the TV presenter was diagnosed with a coronavirus, although she denies this. Marina Udgodskaya soon also complained about her state of health: "Now there is no way to work at all, we have such a situation, Sobchak arrived and, on the way, now we have a coronavirus. I measure my temperature, my temperature is 37. My daughter got sick, I don't know what to do now. The school was informed. So I came home from work early, because my daughter was ill, and I feel that I feel bad too. Temperature is 37, 2, I am generally in a panic", - she said in an interview with the" Podyem "publication.

Also, the head of a rural settlement complains that "the correspondents simply do not let her work".