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Mikhail Boyarsky was hospitalized 10 days after the vaccination
16 February, 21:12
Mikhail Boyarsky was hospitalized 10 days after the vaccination
Photo: wikimedia.org
In St. Petersburg, the artistic director of the Benefis theater, 71-year-old People's Artist Mikhail Boyarsky, was urgently hospitalized in the city hospital No. 122, located in the north of the city.

There is no detailed diagnosis yet, but the coronavirus COVID-19 has not been confirmed, especially since Mikhail Boyarsky was vaccinated against this infection ten days ago. "Apparently, a vascular reaction. Maybe they will let you go home, I'm waiting for the doctors' decision", - said the actor's wife Larisa Luppian. Mikhail Boyarsky himself also noted that everything is already in order with him, reports dp.ru.

In recent years, Mikhail Boyarsky has been frequently mentioned in the media in connection with improper parking and fines issued to him for this. Earlier, in the database of the St. Petersburg department of the FSSP, there was again a mention of the actor's unpaid fine in the amount of three thousand rubles for violating traffic rules back in November, in accordance with this a case was initiated.

In the media and social networks, the actor's violations are united by the tag "musketeer parking" in memory of the role of Mikhail Boyarsky in films about the musketeers (most often the artist blocks the sidewalk on the Moika with his Mercedes).