Tested on the self: the Minister of Economic Development was not given a soft loan for salaries
16 April , 10:38
Photo: rbc.ru
The head of the Ministry of Economy Maxim Reshetnikov tried to independently take a soft loan with a zero rate on salary payments. The minister decided to run an experiment after the numerous complaints from entrepreneurs. However, even he could not get a loan.

- Entrepreneurs complain about the refusals and restrictions when their applications are being considering. I decided to check it personally. I called the two largest banks. In one, the hotline operator replied that the government had allegedly not yet signed a decree. In another they promised to give out a loan, but ... in May. I drew attention to the leadership of banks, - said Maxim Reshetnikov on his Instagram page.

He noted that the issuance of loans is slow. Based on the monitoring data of the authorities, out of 3,500 complaints worth 24 billion rubles. Approved applications for only 1.5 billion rubles.

“But only 400 million rubles were actually issued,” the minister notes.

We may recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed new measures to support business in the context of the coronavirus pandemic - to give money to small and medium-sized enterprises for the salaries of employees. In addition, the head of state instructed the Cabinet to include small and medium-sized non-food retail companies in the list of industries most affected by the pandemic.