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The boy Lesha from the Belgorod region told why he greets military columns
16 May, 11:47
The boy Lesha from the Belgorod region told why he greets military columns
Photo: ИА «Бел.Ру»
Eight-year-old boy Lesha Pavlichenko from the Belgorod region became famous throughout the country in a few days after a video appeared on the network in which the boy welcomes Russian military equipment.

This video, filmed a few days before Victory Day, quickly became "viral", gaining more than a million views in a day.

The journalists of the Belgorod edition "Bel.Ru" met with the family. The boy's mother, Yulia, told the publication that every time since the beginning of the military special operation, when her son sees military equipment in the region, he runs to the road to greet the soldiers.

“February 24 was a noisy day for all Belgorod residents. Lyosha began to ask what was happening. My husband and I began to explain to him that this was a special operation. He thought for a long time, walked around, asked questions. "Stands, waves, greets. The guys were pleased, they began to honk and blink in response", - the boy's mother said.

At first, the boy met the military in a helmet, which was many sizes larger than his head. And once he ran without a helmet. Then one of the soldiers came out, took off his headset and put it on the boy. From that day on, the boy met the military in a headset.

"Mom explained me why the special operation began, - it's because the Nazis attacked the weak. The first time I met the convoy was around February 28. I went out to greet them so that they were happy. I gave them a military greeting, and they answered me", - the boy said.

He noted that in two months he met and saw off military equipment about a thousand times.

“Most of all I like the BMP. I used to want to be a football player, and now I want to be a military man to defend my Motherland”, - Lesha added.