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Will they start burning it soon? Books of objectionable authors are seized from the libraries of Chelyabinsk
16 June, 17:19
Will they start burning it soon? Books of objectionable authors are seized from the libraries of Chelyabinsk
Photo: Соцсети
It was decided to remove the works of opposition-minded writers Bykov, Glukhovsky and Akunin from open access in one of the Chelyabinsk libraries.

An amazing message posted on the website of one of the Chelyabinsk libraries is published by social networks. This reminded many readers of the mass burning of books by unwanted authors in Nazi Germany, and the mass seizure of books by unwanted authors in the USSR. And someone remembered how in the early 2000s, activists of the youth pro-government movement Nashi carried out noisy actions to destroy "bad" books. For example, Vladimir Sorokin...

However, the simple fact that the times have changed radically, and no amount of censorship, burning or seizure today can no longer prevent people from reading the books they want, attracts attention. Well, except that they will spend a little more time purchasing or downloading them. So, this decision of the Chelyabinsk librarians cannot be called anything other than stupidity. Here are just a few comments on this news:

- Yeah. Togo, look at the squares of objectionable authors will begin to burn.

- After school, I worked for several months in the regional Soviet library. And the list came to us from above: to remove from the fund the books of Maximov, Vladimov, Viktor Nekrasov, Voinovich, I don’t remember who else, there was a long list, his mother was in the Chronicle of Current Events (an opposition underground newspaper secretly published in the USSR in 1970-80- e years) handed over, took half a page. And I took the opportunity to steal a few books. But characteristically, the readers did not knock. Maybe they just didn't know.

- The scoop banned not only anti-Soviet, but also completely Soviet books by authors who became anti-Soviet. Voinovich was a successful Soviet writer, Galich even more, "In the trenches of Stalingrad" by Viktor Nekrasov - generally a military classic, the Stalin Prize, film adaptation and all. And all this, which had passed Soviet censorship and was published in Soviet publishing houses, was withdrawn from libraries when the authors began to write other books that were not published in the USSR. Now Akunin and others are being removed from libraries in exactly the same way, for political reasons. And your eloquent silence does not change this fact.