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Forever young: the story of a resident of the Primorsky Territory who grows up without getting old
16 November 2020, 18:35
Forever young: the story of a resident of the Primorsky Territory who grows up without getting old
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE8NYDa5tm0&t=527s
Recently, Denis Vashurin from the village of Slavyanka, Primorsky Territory, became the hero of blogger Sergei Lukyanov's YouTube channel "Vasya on the Hay". Denis himself wanted to share his story with the channel's subscribers - the story of a man who grows up, remaining in the body of a teenager, and flew to Moscow.

Denis Vashurin stopped aging when he was 12-13 years old, now he is already 33. He talked about how he lives with this peculiarity.

"The first changes came from kindergarten, but I naturally did not perceive them then. At school, of course, I was always the least of all. In school, by the way, I excelled many of my peers, and in physical training, too, I ran well and pulled myself up. ...

At first, I didn't think about it at all ... I was always active, perhaps even, as they call it now, hyperactive. And there were no problems in communication, there were always many friends.

There was no prejudice then, but I, in principle, would not have allowed this, probably. You can't just climb on me, and where you climb, you get off.


… When I realized that I would not change physically, it was somehow uncomfortable.

I thought, how will it be, how will life go on? Will it be hard?... Realization did not come immediately...

But then I began to wonder why you live, why such things happened to you. This question is always with me, it goes through life next to it, there is no getting away from it, as they say ...

In life, I constantly face moments of misunderstanding. People often do not believe, they ask, maybe you are joking, maybe you are playing, but does it happen at all? All these questions accompany me constantly.

There was a case when I was stopped by the Vladivostok traffic police. At that time I still had an old-style license, in a laminate. They were shabby, the term was close to replacement. There was mechanical damage and the inspector thought it was me who replaced the photo. And, they say. A young boy is rolling around the village. But they knocked me through the base, everything fits, the photo is the same. Said you look very young, hee hee, ha ha. Well, I say yes, well preserved.

I do not always perceive such things calmly, sometimes I start to boil ... After all, they stopped here too, but the reason was not explained. This is especially unpleasant when you are going somewhere and in a hurry, why should I explain something every time ...

Physically, I feel normal. Many, by the way, think that since you look young, you always feel like 12 or 15 years old. This is not the case, guys! You get older, and every year you feel everything ... Sat down, got up, oops, - you have to run, oh, pressure ...

Со своей девушкой, которой 26 лет, Денис встречается уже четыре года.

My girlfriend constantly laughs at me, and many friends just say so: "You are just like a grandfather!"

I am a bore, I am stubborn, lethargic, like a bear.

The girl and I have been living together for four years. She initially knew who I was. There was no such thing: oh, how old are you, boy? I have always felt older as a man, especially since she is really younger than me - she is 26 years old; and in life experience, too, is younger, because I have enough experience ...

Who really knows me well, treats me like an old man, there is such a story.

Денис с автором ютуб-канала "Вася на сене" Сергеем Лукьяновым.

..Of course, it is annoying, sometimes it’s creepy when you come to the same Vladivostok, get out of the car, and of course, in 80% someone will catch your eye, there will be some reaction. Look, look, what is it, what a joke ... Most of all it annoys me when they try to teach me. Some do not understand that I have been living on this Earth for 30 years, I am not 15 years old, so that I can tell something, teach me and talk to me like a teenager. Many people behave this way. It is malnourished, so aggression builds up ...

I could not live in the city, so, probably, although in the crowd, you seem to get lost, but here they know you, I know many people, relations are normal ... In our city, the population is 14,000 somewhere. I like to be in the forest, go hunting, be alone with myself, with a dog on a fishing trip, or with friends overnight in some beautiful place, by the sea, on a river ... I am more rural, although I would not live in a remote village either I could, I need some kind of civilization, I am not that savage, though not a social person... I’m probably 50/50, I adapt quickly.

После того, как ютуб-канал "Вася на сене" выпустил интервью с Денисом, он стал героем передачи "Прямой эфир" Андрея Малахова на телеканале "Россия-1". Мама Дениса показала фотографии из семейного архива. Здесь он в первом классе.

Probably, I would like to tell people that they should not judge others by their appearance. There are so many things in life!

It often happens to me that I meet with a person, he reacts inadequately, and then takes his words back, apologizes and we even begin to be friends. It happened a lot that I made friends with someone after some conflict, with my best friends it was like that too. There is no need to judge about what you cannot know, about what you have not encountered yourself. There are so many amazing things in this world. And here the saying is relevant: they are greeted by their clothes, they are escorted by their minds. If you want to teach something to a person who is different in something, I think you don’t need to do this either, because you cannot live someone else’s life ...

You cannot live your life for me. It is still unknown how you would live in my body in my life situations, would you survive, what kind of person you would become ... It is unrealistic to live someone else's life! So there is no need to judge".

You can watch the episode of the channel "Vasya on the Sena" dedicated to Denis Vashurin here.