Free drugs for treating people with coronavirus will be issued in the Irkutsk region
16 November , 14:07
From November 19, those citizens who are treated at home will receive medicines, the Governor of the Irkutsk Region Igor Kobzev said today during a meeting of the operational headquarters to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection.

As already reported, on behalf of the President, the regions have been allocated funds from the federal budget. The Irkutsk Region received almost 90 million rubles. A system for providing outpatients has been developed in the region. Doctors will write prescriptions for medicines based on test results or symptoms of coronavirus infection.

"The drugs will be dispensed through pharmacies. Their list has already been formed and will be brought to the attention of the heads of municipalities. I ask the mayors to inform the residents about where and how free medicines will be provided. The relatives of the sick will be able to receive them, or volunteers or medical workers will deliver the drugs to their homes", - said Igor Kobzev.

At the headquarters, the expansion of the bed capacity was also discussed. As of November 16, 5038 people were hospitalized with a diagnosis of covid in the Irkutsk region. In total, 5354 beds have been opened in the region for the treatment of such patients. This week, three more medical institutions will begin to admit patients, and about 300 beds will be deployed in them, including in the intensive care and intensive care units. Negotiations were held on the opening of a covid hospital in one of the buildings of the Central Medical and Sanitary Unit No. 28 of the Federal Medical and Biological Agencies of Russia in Angarsk. In December, 100 beds can be deployed there.

Work is also underway to create a telemedicine center. It is necessary for the interaction of doctors of the Irkutsk region, the development of tactics for treating patients. The premises of the center have already been determined and equipped with technical equipment. In the coming days, the lists of operators who will conduct consultations will be determined.